CSS Feature Queries

CSS Feature Queries
Published on 2021-07-09 05:45:19

CSS Feature Queries Parameter and Details

  • (property: value) Evaluates true if the browser can handle the CSS rule. The parenthesis around the rule are required.
  • and Returns true only if both the previous and next conditions are true.
  • not Negates the next condition
  • or Returns true if either the previous or next condition is true.
  • (...) Groups conditions


Basic @supports usage

@supports (display: flex) {
/* Flexbox is available, so use it */
.my-container {
display: flex;

In terms of syntax, @supports is very similar to @media, but instead of detecting screen size and orientation, @supports will detect whether the browser can handle a given CSS rule. Rather than doing something like @supports (flex), notice that the rule is @supports (display: flex).


Chaining feature detections

To detect multiple features at once, use the and operator.

@supports (transform: translateZ(1px)) and (transform-style: preserve-3d) and (perspective: 1px) {
/* Probably do some fancy 3d stuff here */

There is also an or operator and a not operator:

@supports (display: flex) or (display: table-cell) {
/* Will be used if the browser supports flexbox or display: table-cell */
@supports not (-webkit-transform: translate(0, 0, 0)) {
/* Will *not* be used if the browser supports -webkit-transform: translate(...) */

For the ultimate @supports experience, try grouping logical expressions with parenthesis:

@supports ((display: block) and (zoom: 1)) or ((display: flex) and (not (display: table-cell))) or
(transform: translateX(1px)) {
/* ... */

This will work if the browser

  • Supports display: block AND zoom: 1, or
  • Supports display: flex AND NOT display:
  • Supports transform: translateX(1px).

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