Structure and Formatting of a CSS Rule

Structure and Formatting of a CSS Rule
Published on 2021-07-07 10:53:27

CSS Structure and Formatting 

Property Lists

Some properties can take multiple values, collectively known as a property list.

/* Two values in this property list */
span {
text-shadow: yellow 0 0 3px, green 4px 4px 10px;
/* Alternate Formatting */
span {
yellow 0 0 3px,
green 4px 4px 10px;


CSS Multiple Selectors

When you group CSS selectors, you apply the same styles to several different elements without repeating the styles in your style sheet. Use a comma to separate multiple grouped selectors.

div, p { color: blue }

So the blue color applies to all <div> elements and all <p> elements. Without the comma only <p> elements that are a child of a <div> would be red.

This also applies to all types of selectors.

p, .blue, #first, div span{ color : blue }

This rule applies to:

  • <p>
  • elements of the blue class
  • element with the ID first
  • every <span> inside of a <div>


Rules, Selectors, and Declaration Blocks

A CSS rule consists of a selector (e.g. h1) and declaration block ({}).

h1 {}


Css Comments

Single Line comments

/* This is a CSS comment */
div {
color: red; /* This is a CSS comment */

Multiple Line comments

  color: red;

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