HTML attributes and Caches

HTML attributes and Caches
Published on 2021-07-02 08:11:58

HTML Global Attributes

Attribute Description
class Defines one or more class names for an element. See Classes and IDs.
contenteditable Sets whether the content of an element can be edited.
contextmenu Defines a context menu shown when a user right-clicks an element.
dir Sets the text direction for text within an element.
draggable Sets whether an element can be dragged.
hidden Hides an element not currently in use on the page.
id Defines a unique identifier for an element. See Classes and IDs.
lang Defines the language of an element's content and its text attribute values. See Content Languages.
spellcheck Sets whether to spell/grammar check the content of an element.
style Defines a set of inline CSS styles for an element.
tabindex Sets the order in which elements on a page are navigated by the tab keyboard shortcut.
title Defines additional information about an element, generally in the form of tooltip text on mouseover.
translate Defines whether to translate the content of an element.


Content editable Attribute

<p contenteditable>This is an editable paragraph.</p>

Upon clicking on the paragraph, the content of it can be edited similar to an input text field. When the contenteditable attribute is not set on an element, the element will inherit it from its parent. So all child text of a content editable element will also be editable, but you can turn it off for specific text, like so:

<p contenteditable>
    This is an editable paragraph.
    <span contenteditable="false">But not this.</span>

Note that an uneditable text element inside an editable element will still have a text cursor as inherited from its parent as well.

HTML 5 Cache

Basic Example of HTML5 cache

this is our index.html file

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html manifest="index.appcache">



then we will create index.appcache file with below codes



write those files that you want to be cached load index.html then go for offline mode and reload the tab

Note: The two files must be in the same folder in this example


HTML Event Attributes

HTML Form Events

Events triggered by actions inside an HTML form (applies to almost all HTML elements, but is mostly used in form elements):

Attribute Description
onblur Fires the moment that the element loses focus
onchange Fires the moment when the value of the element is changed
oncontextmenu Script to be run when a context menu is triggered
onfocus Fires the moment when the element gets focus
oninput Script to be run when an element gets user input
oninvalid Script to be run when an element is invalid
onreset Fires when the Reset button in a form is clicked
onsearch Fires when the user writes something in a search field (for <input="search">)
onselect Fires after some text has been selected in an element
onsubmit Fires when a form is submitted


Keyboard Events

Attribute Description
onkeydown Fires when a user is pressing a key
onkeypress Fires when a user presses a key
onkeyup Fires when a user releases a key


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