Published on 2021-08-14 15:51:45

The TRUNCATE statement deletes all data from a table. This is similar to DELETE with no filter, but, depending on the database software, has certain restrictions and optimizations.

Removing all rows from the Employee table


Using a truncate table is often better than using DELETE TABLE as it ignores all the indexes and triggers and just removes everything.

Delete table is a row-based operation this means that each row is deleted. Truncate table is a data page operation the entire data page is reallocated. If you have a table with a million rows it will be much faster to truncate the table than it would be to use a delete table statement.

Though we can delete specific Rows with DELETE, we cannot TRUNCATE specific rows, we can only TRUNCATE all the records at once. Deleting All rows and then inserting a new record will continue to add the Auto incremented Primary key value from the previously inserted value, whereas in Truncate, the Auto Incremental primary key value will also get reset and starts from 1.

Note that when truncating the table, no foreign keys must be present, otherwise you will get an error.

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